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Iowa’s cable television operators provide informative, entertaining and reliable service throughout the state. Services include cable television, high-speed internet and telephone service to communities statewide through the use of fiber optic technology and coaxial cable. The Iowa Cable and Telecommunications Association represents the…


Any company providing video service to Iowans through the use of fiber optic or copper lines is eligible for regular membership in the association.
Any company which provide programming and/or equipment to cable television operators is eligible for associate membership of the association.

Abiding Principles

Cable operators should provide professional service to their customers, including high quality customer service.
Competition is beneficial in this industry and in telecommunications generally, so long as it is fair competition.
It is nearly impossible for a competition with one’s regulator to be fair.
Cable is a service which a customer may choose to subscribe to or not, programming decisions should be made by the operators and not the government.
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